Reduce your work outlay by up to 85%
Work outlay
  • Bore both sides.
  • Weld both sides.
  • Grind both sides.
  • Bore out both sides (partially).

Punch and flange both sides in one stroke.

  • No boring!
  • No welding!
  • No grinding!
  • No boring out!
Example: Punching and flanging both sides of transport or anchoring sleeves in 1 stroke in frame or crossbar profiles (up to 1650 mm) of formwork elements.
4 work steps required:

Practically unusable quality
1 work step:

Very good quality

Do it right the first time

Production analyses and optimisation

Design, development, construction and manufacture of tools,
devices and special-purpose machines

HR recruitment and procurement of orders


Sleeve (old) Sleeve (new)
4 work steps - work outlay 100% 1 work step - work outlay 15%
Practically unusable quality Very good quality